Today’s Price Action Suggests Enthusiasm Around Ethereum May Be Far From Overdone | The

What happened

Overall volatility in the crypto sector over the past few months remains well below where it’s been for much of the past few years. That said, certain top cryptocurrencies are on the move today, with Ethereum (ETH 1.93%) among the biggest winners. As of noon ET, this top token surged 2.1% higher over the past 24 hours, as investor demand appears to be recovering for risk assets, at least for now.

This notable move amid a very mixed market today signals heightened investor interest in Ethereum’s upgraded network. Prior to Ethereum’s mid-September The Merge, which ushered in a new, more energy-efficient proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, investor interest in Ethereum peaked at its high for this year. However, since then, a “buy the rumor, sell the news” type of sentiment has built. 

That said, a decline of around 35% from Ethereum’s August peak may be inviting value investors to step into this token as we head into year-end. Whether it’s improving macro conditions, a Santa Claus rally, or hope that the crypto sector’s lower volatility will filter through to higher valuations over the medium term, it’s clear expectations remain high for this foundational blockchain right now.

So what

Ethereum’s shift to proof of stake hasn’t been without controversy. While many tout the benefits this massive upgrade provide, mainly in the form of significant reductions in energy usage to run the network but also the potential for future upgrades and enhancements, there’s growing debate around how centralized Ethereum’s network has become. High costs to set up a validator node have invited aggregators and centralized crypto entities to take the lion’s share of staking, effectively controlling the direction the Ethereum network is headed.

Accordingly, this upgrade, which sounded great in theory, has become a hot-button topic for many in the Ethereum community. Gas fees remain high, and not much appears to have changed from a fundamental level. Operationally, this is great. But investors may be clamoring for more meaningful upgrades sooner.

Now what

Now that this massive upgrade has been completed, with little disruption to Ethereum’s massive network, perhaps more upgrades will be on the horizon. Given the scale of this massive developer-led undertaking, anything seems to be possible. Indeed, many of the best and brightest in the crypto space appear to be devoted to supporting the status of the Ethereum network as the cornerstone of decentralized finance.

Thus, I think the market’s outlook for Ethereum may be shifting from this once-near-term catalyst to a more medium- to long-term view. For those looking for quality in the crypto space, it’s hard to go wrong owning Ethereum. Maybe today’s rally is as simple as that — a continuing shift toward quality and more defensive options in various asset classes.

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