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Feed3 is creating the first Feedback-To-Earn ecosystem- it is not a game or a metaverse platform. Yet, most blockchain games will need to integrate the services of Feed3 sooner than later.

The central focus of Feed3 is to help blockchain games improve their products to the taste of all players. Likewise, Feed3’s feedback algorithm can help game developers follow the latest trends, attracting more players.

Feed3 uses a simple product to achieve all these objectives. Players will use its voice feedback system to report whatever they notice about specific games. These reports will not be just anything that a player thinks- they must be honest and accurate, stating what is right or wrong about a game.

Of course, in the world of AI, Feed3 won’t have people sitting behind a desk to listen to each voice feedback of players. Instead, the project will create a deep neural network that will determine the authenticity of each voice message.

The Freeda AI will determine the length, accuracy, sincerity, and emotions a player puts in when giving feedback. These parameters are necessary since Freeda is also the one to reward each player with FD3 tokens for their efforts.

Since customers are always right, the reward system is an essential incentive that will move players to provide feedback. In turn, developers of blockchain games will know what they need to add, remove or upgrade in a game.

What Is Feed3 Token (FD3)?

FD3 is the native cryptocurrency of Feed3. It rewards players who provide honest and accurate feedback regarding their experience after playing blockchain games.

In addition to the FD3 coin, Feed3 is introducing intelligent NFTs. These assets are intellectual because they possess the Freeda AI and will process the feedback of their owners. So, owning an iNFT allows you to record reviews about games you play.

In addition, iNFTs are in different categories. Accordingly, higher-level iNFTs allow owners to record more extended feedback and earn more significant rewards in FD3 tokens.

Feed3 vs. Avalanche

Avalanche is a blockchain that delivers fast transaction speed at a surprisingly low cost. Using Avalanche, developers can offer DeFi services that do not cost out-of-pocket fees.

Meanwhile, another exciting feature of Avalanche is Subnets. Subnets are blockchains within the Avalanche network. To illustrate, Subnets are like small boats on large ships. The boats are there to tend to the needs of the larger vessel.

Similarly, Avalanche Subnets tend to the needs of the main network while fulfilling their transactions. This system has helped Avalanche maintain one of the fastest transaction speeds among other blockchain networks.

Feed3 vs. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world created on Ethereum. It provides immersive entertainment in the blockchain industry. In addition, Decentraland offers some of the most valuable digital assets.

One of these assets is virtual land. LAND in Decentraland is like land in the physical world. As land is the primary asset of the worldwide real estate economy, so is LAND in the Decentraland metaverse.

Users buy LAND to build virtual experiences and games or as an investment. So far, many investors have found that virtual land in Decentraland is an asset that has come to stay and will continue to be of high value.

Meanwhile, Decentraland is one of the many platforms that can use the Feed3 feedback system. For example, with Feed3, a player can easily report when some experiences become unresponsive. Additionally, the Feed3 feedback system can help Decentraland to build a better metaverse that everyone wants to experience.

How to Buy FD3

A voice feedback system is something that has not existed before in blockchain games. Meanwhile, Feed3 offers the service and will pay players who use it.

Investing in a new project like Feed3 is a brilliant idea. So, if you wish to be an early part of the feedback-to-earn ecosystem, you only need to buy FD3 tokens in the ongoing presale.

The following are five steps to buy FD3:

  • Set up a crypto wallet that supports Wallet Connect or a wallet extension on your PC’s browser.
  • Add the cryptocurrency you intend to use in buying FD3 (ETH or BNB)
  • Visit Feed3.io, click “Buy Presale,” and then “Buy.”
  • Connect your wallet and enter how much FD3 you intend to buy
  • Finally, confirm the payment in your wallet.

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Concluding Thoughts On Feed3

Feed3 is bringing a new blockchain business that did not exist before. Feedback-to-earn will help blockchain games like Decentraland to become a better metaverse. In conclusion, it will provide another source of income for players.

For more information, be sure to check out the following:

Presale: https://feed3.io/buy#buy-area

Website: https://feed3.io

Telegram: https://t.me/Feed3Official

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