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The blockchain and cryptocurrency concept has been in play for over a decade. Not only have these concepts become popular, but profitable too. Digital money is a simple yet complex subject for most, and those who don’t get it have now turned to the film industry for more insight. If you’re one of those still unable to fathom all about cryptocurrencies, perhaps the movies below will help you grasp it better. 

Tech and Crypto Movies You Should Know About

Most people don’t appreciate reading today, but prefer watching movies or videos on the same. Therefore, if cryptocurrency interests you, watching crypto-related movies will entertain you as you learn on Let’s count down together. 

The End of Money as We Know It

The film’s debut was in 2015, and the title, Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It, covers hard money, digital money, and the roles they play in the world. It’s a one-hour documentary film that takes a viewer down the history lane of bitcoin and evolving in the financial circle, which it took by storm up to date. Digital money is likely to replace hard money, and this is evident in this film as it sharply criticizes banks and governments for several dubious stances regarding money. From the film, you learn that printing money causes inflation, yet governments still do it.  

Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

If watching lengthy movies doesn’t interest you, this 15-minute clip is ideal for you. This short clip is part of a series that covers multiple topics, including cryptocurrency. Therefore, if digital money interests you, it’s time you watch it. In the film, the basics of cryptocurrency are explained in various aspects.

Life on Bitcoin

Austin and Becky are challenged not to use any other form of money other than bitcoin. The film is hilarious as the couple struggles to convince others to use bitcoin for payment. The film debut was in 2014, when cryptocurrency was still an estranged topic to most.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

If you’re interested in experiencing blockchain in the film industry, add this title to your list. The film outlines how amazing technology is as it enhances online storage capability and the security aspects involved. Viewers are presented with a background and development of technology. They have an opportunity to listen to expert opinions on their personal experience and use of blockchain. 

Deep Web

Silk Road is where two worlds merge; crypto and the dark web. The movies bring out the dark side of the internet in the black market led by Dread Pirate Roberts, the first online black market to accept Bitcoin payment. Silk Road gained fame thanks to its unique dealings, attracting law enforcers who investigate the entire story. As the film’s narrator recounts the story, the investigation leads to the arrest of the original Silk Road boss, Ross William Ulbricht.

The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has constantly been growing for ten years and more so in the past year when crypto investors acted on the spike wind. Although the popularity of bitcoin is inevitable, its legality and functionalities are still questionable. However, to demystify these narrations, The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is a film that takes you through its journey from inception to the current victory state.


Cryptopia is like a sibling to The End of Money as we know it because they’re of the same father and director. This movie dives into the complex crypto industry in all aspects, including the good, bad, and ugly of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The best part is that the film also covers how to overcome these challenges while making the best of Bitcoin. Unlike other movies on cryptocurrencies, Cryptopia is resourceful to those who want to invest in the industry. 

I am Satoshi

The founder of Bitcoin is still a ghost, but suspicions point to Satoshi. Bitcoin has been sound for over a decade, but no one knows the true owner. Satoshi is the person of interest in this film, and the movie endeavors to research who he is. The movie intends to light up this dark area by providing in-depth knowledge of Satoshi in 53 minutes. Even though blockchain and cryptocurrency are over a decade old, people haven’t been impressed entirely. 

The Bottom Line

Technology has revolutionized many things, including the film industry, not to mention the introduction of digital money to the world. The legality of cryptocurrency is questionable by most people and governments worldwide, while it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. If crypto is a topic you enjoy or interested in, watch the films above to continue learning because they’re quite resourceful. 

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