Blockchain Data Analytics Platform Nansen Launches Dashboard For Avalanche To Provide NFT

Nansen, the blockchain data analytics platform, has announced the launch of a new dashboard for Avalanche which will “provide extensive NFT market overviews and related data.”

Year to date, the NFT-related activity on AVAX has “become a dominant source of activity on its c-chain.”

According to Nansen data, this activity “amounts to approximately 2.34 million AVAX involving 99.7k wallets.”

Minting-related NFT activity is also “dominant to secondary sales on AVAX.”

Paul Harwood, Product Manager at Nansen, said:

“Given the current macro conditions along with the fact that NFT investing/trading can be highly speculative, we believe that the availability of NFT-related on-chain data can assist users in carrying out due diligence and making informed decisions. We’ve been closely monitoring the trade activities on AVAX and we feel that NFT-related activities on these chains are gradually maturing. We felt that market participants can benefit from the on-chain insights provided by Nansen.”

Nansen currently “offers token data for AVAX, including price & transaction volume, DEX trades, insights into when the contract was deployed, and token distribution details such as top Balances, top Holders, and token seniority distribution, as well as exchange activity.”

New NFT dashboards will “provide insights into market-related data including top collections traded, profit leaderboard, latest minting activity, and minting leaderboard as well as NFT God Mode, which enables users to zoom into specific collections to gain insights on when a contract was deployed and number of NFTs in circulation, average price & volume and distribution of individual transactions.”

The NFT Wallet Provider NFT “gives users the ability to look up the trading portfolio and the profits of any collection.”

Additional market data will also be provided, “including breakdowns of contracts, holders, and trades.”

To view the NFT dashboards on Nansen, check here.

As covered, Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that “enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels.”

Crypto investors use Nansen “to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with our real-time dashboards and alerts.”

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