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PRESS RELEASE. The passing months have brought significant accomplishments for our company, especially in the technical and behind-the-scenes area. Most of these updates are available on our Twitter but we gathered a few major updates here.

About Peoplez:

Peoplez offers Very Important Persons (VIPs) from any industry around the globe for the users of the platform to connect with, more easily than ever made with their favorite Idols.

Team behind this project is very strong. We have top class specialists in business, blockchain and marketing.

Story behind this project is quite simple, we just wanted to make the entertainment world even more attractive and even easier accessible for everyone in the world

Over the past years, the use cases of utility tokens evolved towards mainstream adoption and offers interactions in a transparent way. The growth is normal with the attention cryptocurrencies have been gaining and from the regulator and financial perspective with the growth of the crypto market cap.

The media and news channels have changed their opinion to be more understanding, while the support of people from traditional industries provided the trust for more people to look at the crypto industry. For both financial and social interactions.

The work started as described on the road

Latest partnership:

The first significant update is Peoplez successfully tokenized the first artist as a $VIP token and their name it “Jong Coin” and this asset belongs to Krystian Brzeziński aka “Jongmen” and is also Founder of SHOTGUN RECORDS and currently collaborating with Rest Dixon37 and their token can be found on BSCscan as well:

✅ Contract:


✅ Ticker: JONG

✅ Decimals: 18

Platform updates:

In addition we developed a fully working exchange that will house all of the current and upcoming $VIP tokens and also it will be powered by our native token $LEZ and users can use our native token to purchase their favorite idols token.

We are strengthening our artists network and we will release a lot of their tokens into our Peoplez Exchange:

How Does The Vip Tokens Work:

Peoplez will release its own nft marketplace and personal website for artists, The VIP’s will have a dedicated landing page to receive 100% attention, The users can buy $LEZ from a DEX/CEX, Stake them or exchange $LEZ tokens for any $VIP tokens within our marketplace.

Every VIP will have One Million $VIP tokens minted and dedicated to their name. It will be minted on the BSC Network and viewed on and we can use the $VIP tokens to purchase our Idol merchandise, Tickets to their next event, Exclusive Contents, Meet-ups and more!

Why do companies need to know Peoplez:

First Peoplez music production has over 1 million views on Youtube and the next one will be released on 16th day of this month and We have worldwide partners who are music producers and they will bring top class VIP’s to our platform.

Peoplez platform is the first platform in the world with a strong solution to bond fans with their idols and with our partners we will have more than 100+ vips in 2022

Peoplez Production:

Peoplez Security:

At security is our priority for our users, Investors and of course content creators and that is why our smart contracts are currently being monitored by Hacken and we also partner up with Lossless and 111PG.

What the future holds for Peoplez

The main idea is to give users complete freedom to interact with their favorite idols with the power of Blockchain and NFT’s.

We can expect Peoplez community to keep up with the exponential growth of the tools presented within the our Ecosystem. Making our Marketplace an excellent and precise device for the future of our content creators.

Stay Up To Date With Peoplez:

City/Country: Warsaw, Poland

Address: OÜ Flandria Systems Fosforiidi 4 741114 Maardu Tax number: EE101706287


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