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Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, most of the world’s physical industries are in a dangerous state. Compared with the physical industry, the Internet industry and the encryption industry are much less affected by the epidemic.

Cryptocurrencies today have a strong impact on the global economy as their spread and circulation around the world increase. Especially in the cryptocurrency mining industry, the practitioners and users of cryptocurrency mining come from all over the world, regardless of region or time zone, they can still maintain vitality and efficiency, and are constantly creating wealth.

To understand cryptocurrency mining, it is necessary to understand how it works. People have been sending cryptocurrencies to each other over digital currency networks, but unless someone records all these transactions, no one can track who paid. The digital currency network handles this conundrum by collecting all transactions that occurred during a specific period in a list called a “block”, and miners are tasked with confirming and writing these transactions to the ledger (transaction log), or so-called “blockchain”.

When a new block of transactions is created, it is added to the “blockchain”, creating a long list of all transactions on the cryptocurrency network, and each member of the network gets a constantly updated copy of the blockchain, so they know what to expect.

But to get approval to add a new block to a digital currency blockchain requires solving very complex cryptographic problems that require ensuring that the process is correct, secure, and immutable, and this is where the role of the so-called “miner” is born. They use powerful computers and write software to mine these blocks so that they can solve these mathematical equations, ensure the validity of financial transactions, and receive digital currency as a reward when they are successful.

In addition to high electricity bills, creating a powerful mining rig for cryptocurrencies can cost a fortune because operating a computer for long periods of time consumes a lot of energy. Even so, a large number of young people from all over the world join the process every day because mining can make huge profits and huge gains.

So currency exploration is a matter of luck and hash rate, because the more powerful the computer, the more guesses and calculations it can make. Stable and powerful ASIC rigs are best for mining because of their higher hash rate performance and the ability to handle excess energy and heat.

Just like the latest JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server and JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U-C server, two mining rigs that support ETCHASH algorithm, launched by JASMINER, a world-renowned ASIC mining brand. “High hash rate, low power consumption” is the consistent product advantage of JASMINER. The power consumption of these two mining rigs dedicated to mining ETC is only 240W±10%. The only difference is that the hash rate of the 1U server exceeds 520MH/S±10%, while the hash rate of the 1U-C server can also be as high as 450MH/S±10%, providing a variety of choices for miners with different needs. Under the “low power consumption” technological innovation of JASMINER, users do not have too many obstacles on the road of easy mining. It can be said that mining with JASMINER can make huge profits!

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