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While 2021 saw the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), 2022 has seen slightly slower growth for the technology. Because of this, many new NFT projects are forced to become more creative and inventive to create successful collections. One such project is Moonbirds, a profile picture project that has greatly appreciated in value as of late. 

What Are Moonbirds NFTs?

An NFT is a way to represent ownership of digital goods on the blockchain. In the case of Moonbirds, the digital goods being represented are photos that can be used as profile pictures. Additionally, the NFTs serve as an access key to the exclusive PROOF Collective. Each NFT has a unique address stored on the blockchain. The NFT owner has a wallet associated with this unique address, allowing Moonbirds holders to verify ownership. This ability to verify ownership is important for their PROOF community.

Moonbirds NFT is a relatively new NFT project. It features 10,000 unique owls (hence the name “Moonbirds”) that each have their own distinct features. The pixelated owls can have a varying combination of feathers, headwear and beaks that make them stand out and determine the overall rarity. Some of the rarest traits are sage feathers, diamond headwear and moon eyes.

At the time of writing, the Moonbirds NFT has a floor price of 28.5 ETH, which equates to a little over $75,000. The return on investment for Moonbirds has been extremely high given that those who minted paid 2.5 ETH, or around $7,500.

Brief History of Moonbirds

Moonbirds NFT minted on April 16, 2022, for a price of 2.5 ETH. The project was released via a raffle. However, the creator, Kevin Rose reserved around 20% of the mint for members of the PROOF collective, a small 1,000-member group that is granted early access to NFTs and exclusive NFT projects.

Kevin Rose has been involved in both tech and crypto for some time. He began his career as an angel investor for huge companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Uber. More recently, he has devoted much of his time to crypto and Web 3.

The release of the Moonbirds project attracted huge attention from the media and celebrities, largely because of Rose’s huge following through social media and his podcast. The project quickly sold out and saw hundreds of millions in trading volume, and celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon invested in the project.

Perks of Holding Moonbird NFTs

The main perks of holding a Moonbirds NFT are the social capital gained from having it as a profile picture and access to the exclusive events and communities. The project was designed to be used as profile pictures, but owners gain other perks from holding a Moonbirds NFT.

A perk of holding a Moonbird is the nesting feature. Nesting is essentially NFT staking. While your Moonbird is nested, you cannot sell it. However, you can receive rewards for nesting it for extended periods of time. The exact rewards are currently unknown, but it may be worth it if you see the project continue to appreciate in price.

Another perk is access to the PROOF collective, a small community for holders of exclusive NFTs. The first 1,000 members of the community were given free Moonbirds. The community is given access to exclusive airdrops and events, such as a conference set to happen in 2023.

How to Buy Moonbirds

Now that you understand the basics of the project, you may be interested in purchasing your own Moonbird. Here’s how in four short steps.

Step 1: Open an Online Account

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