Making crypto accessible and transparent draws in €5.5 million for Coinpanion

Betting big on the demand for investments beyond the stock exchange, Vienna-based crypto startup Coinpanion has increased its seed round from €1.8 million to €5.5 million. The round saw the participation of US investor Wicklow Capital, early-stage investor in crypto-custodians Ledger,, NYDIG and Crusoe Energy Systems.

The platform enables anyone to profit from the cryptocurrency. The company accompanies the customer through the entire process from single market entry to the ongoing optimisation of crypto investments and automated tax reporting.

Users can choose from different smart portfolios, which revolve around innovative technologies such as NFTs, the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies. The company focuses on all-round, worry-free packages, providing automated savings plans and free tax reports in addition to the portfolios provided. According to Coinpanion, getting started should take less than five minutes.

Alexander Valtingojer, CEO and founder, Coinpanion said: “The demand for investments beyond the stock exchange is growing rapidly in Europe. We are creating easy access to innovative assets such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs or the Metaverse for everyone and want to quickly expand to other countries as well as further grow in Austria. In addition to developments of the app functions, we also want to include more investment opportunities in the existing service in particular.”

“In recent years, the paradigm shift created by crypto assets and Web 3.0 technologies has achieved truly mainstream recognition worldwide. However, managing investments in such a fast-moving space remains extremely difficult for many retail consumers. Coinpanion offers a transparent way to get exposure to the crypto revolution at a risk level everyone is comfortable with, all within a clear product interface that remains fully compliant with the evolving regulatory climate,” Wickflow Capital concluded.

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