A3: Still Alive AMA Session With BeInCrypto

Hi Everyone! Welcome to another BeInCrypto AMA Session!

Today we welcome Jae (@A3StillAlive_KIM) who is the Product Manager of A3: Still Alive.

A3: Still Alive is the latest MMORPG from Netmarble, and it tasks players with saving the world from a cultist plot set to destroy everything, while at the same time building a character from a novice fighter to a champion that chops their way through enemies like a farmer scythes wheat.

(This AMA has been edited for clarity)

COMMUNITY: Here is how things will work. I’ll have 11 questions for Jae. Our chat will then be open for you to drop your questions so that Jae can pick up 5 out of all the questions you asked. Good luck to you all!

BIC: Would you like to make a kind of intro? Maybe something focused on the terms we’re going to discuss here.

A3: Of course, thank you for having me, BeinCrypto! I’m Jae and I’m a project manager of  “A3: Still Alive”, which is a mobile MMORPG developed & published by Netmarble. It’s been live for over a year now and recently has implemented the blockchain system, recreating this into a P2E game!

We are more than excited to talk about this major update of A3: Still Alive here with you guys today! Before moving on to the actual questions, let us introduce some major terms that we will be talking about today.

  1. A3: Still Alive, which we’ll refer from here as A3, is a cross-genre mobile experience set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery that pairs the enormous and living worlds of Open-World RPGs with the extreme combat of Battle Royale. It is beautifully rendered with splendid console-quality 3D graphics with Unity Engine.
  2. INETRIUM is a utility token on MBX. Users can exchange in-game goods for INETRIUM and freely store, exchange, buy, and sell it outside the game via MBX.
  3. MBX is a Klaytn mainnet-based blockchain ecosystem that is now available for trade via Klayswap.

BIC: Great, let’s get started then! Tell us more about the INETRIUM community! What was your vision behind creating the P2E universe?
INETRIUM is a blockchain token that will be used by all cryptocurrency-based games serviced by Netmarble N2. Being a part of the MABLEX platform led by Netmarble Corporation, INETRIUM will provide a long-term and stable value. Through INETRIUM, users can freely trade various in-game items on the blockchain system and obtain P2E values connected to the real world. The most important factor for us is to develop, manage, and release new games that more and more users can enjoy, and we believe Netmarble Corporation has a big advantage in that aspect.

BIC: What makes INETRIUM so special?

Jae: Netmarble Corporation is the 8th biggest gaming publisher in the world and we already have a long history of successfully developing and publishing games in the global market. As unveiled on the MARBLEX platform, “Everybody’s Marble: MetaWorld” will also implement the INETRIUM-MARBLEX ecosystem in the near future. More games are currently under development and we will be releasing each one when they are ready, so make sure to stay tuned for more exciting news!

Based on Netmarble’s long history of top quality and graphic games, we can assure you that all games implementing the INETRIUM blockchain will share the same or even better quality. Last but not least – INETRIUM is a token with a 0% chance of rug pull – as promised in the whitepaper, Netmarble N2 will never sell its tokens to the market.

BIC: Can you introduce more about Netmarble’s first-ever blockchain update in A3:Still Alive?

Jae: A3 is the very first game to be integrated into the INETRIUM blockchain – this means that it is the only game in the world right now where you can get INETRIUM! Since the launch of INETRIUM, the number of A3’s new users has increased significantly by tenfold. It was a pleasant surprise for all of us.

Anyways, as a topline summary, A3 is a dark fantasy MMORPG with various growth factor mechanics such as the Soul Linker and the Shu. The Inetrion Ore can be obtained in the Inetrion Dungeon and it is currently the only material that can make INETRIUM!

Compete with others, clear new quests and stay alive, like the name says, A3: Still Alive! And further on, exchange in-game Ore with real-life currency in the INETRIUM eco-system!

BIC: What makes A3 so special compared to other P2E games?
Just one word: Quality.

We are confident that there is no other P2E game that has better or even similar quality as A3, as A3 is based on the Unity engine.

From the very beginning, we have kept this strong faith that the more enjoyable and fun the game is, the more opportunity there will be for users to get engaged and earn.

A3 is not just another P2E game. It is an action-based game to which P2E factors have been added.

In that sense, we believe the graphics, the fun, and the competitiveness of this game altogether put A3 in an overwhelming position compared to all the other games in the P2E market today.

Just to add on, A3 has been thriving in Korea for over 2 years now – we can assure you that there will be stable game service.

We highly recommend for the Guardians join a guild and participate in “Conquest”, which is a massive guild vs guild battle. Winners will be granted Inetrion Ore collected from all players as daily tax.

As you may already know, more content is to come to the game. Please stay tuned for future A3 updates as we will definitely expand the usage of INETRIUM in-game. 

BIC: Is there any other place to use INETRIUM? Please elaborate on the future plans of A3 related to the blockchain.
Of course! You can use INETRIUM not just for P2E but for many other in-game features, including the Soul Runner which is a super attractive conveyance, for top-notch weapons such as the Relic, and many more.
Also, platform-wise, development is currently underway in various areas such as creating added value through staking. Please stay tuned for this!

BIC: How will transactions between users take place? Please tell us more about your marketplace!
Great question! For A3’s marketplace, we are currently developing a platform where users can freely mint and trade their characters. We are putting all effort into introducing this to the world ASAP, so please stay tuned!
The stronger the character is, the more likely you can win the competition – This essential nature of A3 is why we believe there will be a strong demand for this.

BIC: How will the value of INETRIUM and MBX be maintained? What would be a stable operation plan? We are also super curious about the future of A3 in MARBLEX!

Jae: INETRIUM is a utility token on MARBLEX. As we mentioned, during the month of April you will be able to exchange your INETRIUM for MARBLEX and vice versa.

INETRIUM is not the only token on MARBLEX – many more great games and their tokens will be added in the near future! As the front runner among all these games, A3 will play an important role in the healthy expansion of the MARBLEX ecosystem. And of course, this strong bond between MARBLEX Wallet and A3 will continue.

One huge piece of news for you guys – We are offering 50 KLAYs to 5 lucky winners here to their MARBLEX WALLET. Are you guys ready?

BIC: Is there a limit to the number of Inetrion Ore available per day? Are there any other daily limits or restrictions in the process of smelting the Inetrion Ore?

Jae: Quantity of Inetrion Ore you can earn in the Inetrion Dungeon is limited to 100,000 per day.

However, there are always other opportunities to win millions of Inetrion Ore by winning in various content modes and achieving faster, stronger growth than others.

For example, there is an ongoing event in the new servers opened from February; first 100 or 200 people to reach a certain level of combat power will receive from 100k to over 1M Inetrion Ores! Isn’t that amazing? For more events and details, make sure to check out our Discord channel and the official forum linked below.

We promise you these events will continue, as we always aim to make your A3 experience more fun and interesting.

BIC: What exactly is the difference between the three tiers in the Inetreon Dungeon? Will it affect my P2E?

Jae: Aha! This question must be from one of our fellow Guardians 🙂

When we initially designed the Inetrion Dungeon, we constructed the rewards of the dungeon to be differentiated by tier so that as many users can get rewarded.

That is why there are three tiers, different entry conditions, and PK policies in the Inetrion Dungeon.

Tier 1 is a space for the most powerful users. They are the winner of the special occupied territories and they can mine the Inetrion Ore the fastest.

However, because they are highly competitive users, competition among them is fierce even within this space.

Fun fact – 20% of users who enter the Tier 1 dungeon experience their character’s death. It’s a place where powerful users have to constantly compete to prove their strength.

Tier 2 is a space for users with an adequate level, unlocking an adequate amount of reward.

Tier 2 users also fight over limited resources, but what makes this more interesting is that they challenge those from Tier 1 more actively for improvement. 

Tier 3 is the easiest space accessible where PK is not allowed. Anyone can easily access this Tier.

You may acquire less compared to the Tier 1s and 2s, but even users with a low spec get the opportunity here. Every user can decide how far they wish to go, and the goals are very clearly set.

We expect this difference in Tier will work positively for a healthier and more active P2E environment of A3 in the long run.

BIC: How can I acquire INETRIUM quickly?

Jae: For those of you who are playing A3 for the first time, we have added a special feature called the “Inetreon…

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