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After staying below $35 for most of the first quarter of the year, Ethereum Classic (ETC) prices exploded on March 20 and have remained above that level since. Notably, it went all the way to $54.3, the highest level since November 16, 2021.

The price of ETC seems to indicate that it will continue to climb to reflect the unique value prospects of Ethereum Classic for a long time to come. While its twin competitor ETH has also made solid gains over the past ten days, ETC has made even more progress. In terms of gains, ETH has been in an uptrend since March 14 and gained 30% in that 18-day period, while Ethereum Classic, on the other hand, is up 79.2% in the same time frame.

Just this March, cryptocurrency mining pool Poolin announced the compatibility of Ethereum Classic in its system, so transactions can now be processed in the currency’s network. In a report, Poolin also announced the integration of cryptocurrencies to provide “another option” for those who mine.

According to Poolin, ETC mining revenue driven by its price helps ease the growing pressure among operators. And because of the changes coming to Ethereum, that means stopping the use of devices like GPUs to process transactions on the network.

“Poolin officially supports ETC, which JASMINER  believe will provide a new option for miners who cannot continue to mine ETH after switching to PoS.” Poolin’s announcement comes after Ethereum Classic proposed that miners start mining their blockchain. ETC works with Proof-of-Work (PoW) mechanisms, and as they claim, they will always be maintained. So, mining rigs that are outdated as Ethereum changes can be used on this network, and ETC will be a sanctuary when the ETH merger arrives.

Now, ETC has become a profitable currency. While the migration of ETH is just around the corner, ETC will be one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies when mined with ASIC miners. At current prices, mined by mining rig from JASMINER or other competing brands, this currency can provide decent profits on average per month.

Take the well-known JASMINE brand around the world as an example, they recently launched a “silent” mining rig product, the JASMINER X4-Q. It is equipped with 16 high-throughput computing chips, and has a very strong performance in heat dissipation and noise reduction design. It can be used in a working temperature environment of 0-40°C, with a noise level of ≤40 db, and can also be used in bedroom environments. At the same time, the hash rate level is twice that of the previous generation product, and it can be said that the performance is a comprehensive upgrade.

The hash rate of JASMINER X4-Q is 1040MH/s±10%. Currently, every M can produce 0.00080802 ETC per day. Therefore, the total daily output is 0.8403408 ETC. At a price of $42.80, about $35.97 per day can be produced. The largest part of the daily expenditure of mining is electricity consumption, and the power consumption of X4-Q is only 480W±10%. When the electricity bill is set at $0.047/kWh, the daily electricity consumption of the X4-Q only needs 11.52 kWh, so the daily electricity bill is $0.54. Taken together, the daily net profit of mining ETC with JASMINER X4-Q can now reach $35.43.

It is worth noting that JASMINER X4-Q also innovatively adopts the structural design of 3U standard form and hidden hanging ears on both sides, making it very outstanding in appearance. It is also destined that it can be used in more scenarios such as homes and IDC computer rooms, and it can stably exert surging power.

All in all, the fact that Poolin joined the Ethereum Classic mining pool only reinforces the idea that even if Ethereum leaves, the PoW consensus mechanism will still exist in the future because it was designed long before the first cryptocurrency was born. And now, mining ETC with JASMINER X4-Q will also be one of the most profitable ways for existing miners.

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