Putin’s ambassador says they have the right to press the nuclear button

Kremlin calls Johnson ‘most active anti-Russian’

Boris Johnson was accused by the Kremlin of being the most active anti-Russian leader as he announced fresh sanctions and urged a targeting of Vladimir Putin’s gold reserves.

Downing Street said the Prime Minister was instead “among the most active anti-Putin leaders” as sought to rally leaders at a Nato summit in Brussels to provide more defensive military support to Ukraine.

In a virtual address to the allies on Thursday, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded for “1% of all your planes, 1% of all your tanks” but it appeared his demand would not be met.

Mr Johnson had instead committed a new package of 6,000 more missiles and announced sanctions against a further 65 individuals and entities.

Among those hit with travel bans and asset freezes were the Wagner Group, a Russian paramilitary organisation accused of plotting to assassinate Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Speaking to broadcasters after landing in Belgium’s capital, Mr Johnson said: “We’ve got to tighten the economic vice around Putin, sanctioning more people today, as we are, sanctioning the Wagner Group, looking at what we can do to stop Putin using his gold reserves, and also doing more to help the Ukrainians defend themselves.”

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