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Cryptocurrency is a technology from the future. These digital currencies can be exchanged for utilities and even earn good returns, making them a go-to investment option for young investors and professionals. Out of several crypto brands that are storming the digital marketplace, only a few have focused on the real usage of the currency apart from marketing. KunciCoin is one of them. This new digital currency entered the market just three months back and reached a locked value of a whopping eight figures after it recently launched a centralized defi staking. Unlike other coins in the space, KunciCoin does not create fake hype through marketing. Instead, the coin is focused on offering real use to investors.

KunciCoin is a flexible digital platform that supports crypto applications with real-life utilities, such as crypto-mining, in-game transactions for AAA Metaverse, and NFT games built by KunciGames.com. KunciCoin is redeemable and allows a membership function in the hospitality industry. Currently, this digital coin can be used in 52 hotels and resorts via a licensed payment gateway called YUKK. KunciCoin has launched an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace for investors to offer a comprehensive digital investment platform. People can display, stake, and trade NFTs and get rewarded in the form of KunciCoins.

To solve the most common problem of the crypto market, which is the legal issue, KunciCoin is a step ahead of other brands in the digital currency market. It is an Indonesian government-licensed crypto exchange platform for the transaction and trading of crypto assets. This means investing is not only secure but also compatible with the legal system of the country where it was launched.

Joko Crypto is the founder of KunciCoin. He is often regarded as a mysterious crypto hero, crypto expert, or crypto enthusiast from Indonesia. His impressive journey from a skilled laborer working for $10 a day to an entrepreneur of a million-dollar business is inspiring. Joko proves that even people from low-income backgrounds can venture into crypto to find financial freedom. With his meager savings, Joko bought a mining rig. Eventually, he learned how to mine, maintain, and fix the mining rig to find several whale clients. He gradually built a business worth millions and started investing in ETH in 2015. He held the coins for a few years and cashed out half of them in 2017 and 2021. Half of his wealth came to a staggering 9-figures.

At present, KunciCoin has some prominent names from the business and crypto world on its advisory board. Notable among them are Ashwin Navin, founder of Bittorrent Inc and Samba TV, and Kun Gao, founder of HotOrNot and Crunchyroll.com, “the Netflix of anime.” KunciCoin was recently launched and earned an impressive 90x since its presale price. It consistently hit DEXtools trending and CMC’s top gainer list. From just 10K holders initially, KunciCoin grew in a 5–8 million daily transaction volume, hitting ATH consistently. Today, KunciCoin is listed in 10 exchanges, including Pancakeswap, Bkex, Hotbit, Indodax, Cointiger, Bitforex, and Hoo.com.

In the coming years, the team behind KunciCoin hopes to see the coin listed among the world’s top 10 digital currency exchanges. Considering its progress so far, it is only a matter of time before KunciCoin reaches a market cap of over a billion.

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