Market-Neutral Fund Mitigates Investor Concerns Amid White-Knuckled Crypto Volatility

Crypto firm accepting new retail clients to their growing operation, producing excellent returns in spite of crypto’s recent decline

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2022 / — “Empirical analysis of the 300,000+ trades perform by our platform over the last 12 months show an average Sharpe ratio of 2.768, a beta of 0.113. Along with an alpha generation of 18.119% in excess of a long bitcoin position. This we believe represents a fantastic collaborative achievement by our teams of researchers and developers at Cavallo Capital. We are proud to begin scaling our operations and serving a broader range of retail clients”. COO of Cavallo Capital James Mclean said in a recent statement.

Cryptocurrency has traditionally been a difficult asset class to invest in. Wild volatility and drawdowns in excess of 30% regularly. The latest digital asset investment firm to allow retail investors access to world-class quantitative and high-frequency trading systems without prior knowledge or understanding of cryptocurrency. Cavallo Capital seeks to provide tremendous value to customers by implementing its market-neutral strategies. The quantitative trading strategies limit broad market exposure whilst generating returns in excess of those expected from traditional markets.

“Compared to traditional markets, cryptocurrency markets are nascent and inefficient. These inefficiencies provide multiple opportunities for alpha generation without excessive beta exposure. We are predicting these inefficiencies to remain exploitable by our systems for the foreseeable future”. James Mclean COO Cavallo Capital.

About Cavallo Capital

Cavallo Capital is a managed investment firm focused solely on digital assets. The firm utilizes machine learning quantitative algorithms, operating on a distributed computing network. The network is comprised of over 600 vCPUs, analyzing incredibly large data sets composed from over 1000 individual sources. The firm has been developing and fine-tuning the trading algorithms for 3 years, after beginning operations with initial funds collected from friends and family. The firm has recently begun accepting applications from the wider investing public in January 2022.

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Cavallo Capital
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