Shiba Inu Volume Decreased, While Bitgert Ruling Over Crypto World

by Analytics Insight

March 4, 2022

BitgertKnow about Bitgert’s continued dominance in the industry and the shrinking Shiba Inu Volume

The Shiba Inu project has been experiencing a lot of problems lately. The team has not been delivering as per the community expectations, and its hype is constantly dropping. Though the slow product delivery is a big problem, the continued plummeting of the coin has been a major concern. That’s why Shiba Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies dropping when Bitgert is skyrocketing. Read more about the Bitgert continued dominance in the industry and the shrinking Shiba Inu Volumes



Bitgert is fast ruling over the crypto space, though it is just a seven-month-old project. The Bitgert team has delivered so much in these months and is today the fastest-growing crypto project. However, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain launch is one of the products that have put this project ahead of the rest. This is World’s first gasless blockchain, and that’s the reason why every crypto investor wants to be a part of it.

Transacting tokens on the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is costing just a mere $0.0000000000001. This gas fee has solved the persistent problem of the expensive gas fee. The Bitgert chain has also provided the fastest blockchain today after overtaking Solana. These are the ways that Bitgert had overtaken Shiba Inu and many other cryptocurrencies.



Centcex may be too young to compete with Bitgert and Shiba Inu, but its performance has been great. From the roadmap and the pace at which the team is developing, Centcex is proving a powerful force that is building up. The Centcex team has already started building key products, with the Centcex exchange already in progress.

The exchange beta version is coming out in Q1. The staking platform is also coming up soon. Therefore, Centcex staking, which is the most widely awaited, might be starting soon. This is one of the fastest-growing crypto projects and a project to watch in 2022. With more Centcex products expected to come out going forward, it will be among the top coins to buy.


Shiba Inu

It is now clear that Shiba Inu has been left miles behind by the Bitgert project. Though it is the older coin here, the delivery of the products has been slow, which is why the crypto investors are complaining. The loss of interest in the Shiba Inu project can be seen from the reducing volumes of the transaction on the Shiba network.

This is at a time when Bitgert is experiencing a boom in its growth. From the number of transactions to the token holders, Bitgert has been experiencing a boom after the launch of the BRC20 blockchain. The Shiba Inu team will need to deliver more on the products to make the coin competitive, including building its own blockchain.

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Read More: Shiba Inu Volume Decreased, While Bitgert Ruling Over Crypto World

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