Wyoming Legislative Session Day 9 keeps an eye on the future

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Thursday’s legislative session focused on the second and tenth amendments, with an eye to Wyoming’s future.

Governor Mark Gordon is watching how the legislature is progressing Wyoming’s future.

” The work that we do really has to add to the ability of the state to move forward in a sustainable way,” said Gov. Mark Gordon, Wyoming.

Later the Appropriations Committee looked at ARPA funds through Senate File 66 and how to use them wisely.

“There’s about 100 million dollars left after this that is in the ARPA direct dollars. We intentionally left that there, if other projects come up as time moves forward, so we have more opportunities,” said Rep. Bob Nicholas, District 8.

Senate File 71 seeks to deregulated industrial power zones.

This bill could have helped create competitive electricity for Wyoming, but it failed in committee and was pushed to an interim study.

“Over the last ten years, I’ve heard a lot of concerns about the cost of energy, electricity in particular in the state of Wyoming, and how that holds back our economic development. And we didnt take any action on that and I’m disappointed,” said Chris Rothfuss, District 9.

Senate File 106 could help establish the nation’s first state-backed cryptocurrency in Wyoming.

This blockchain asset, backed by state funds could streamline digital business anywhere.

“That we would have a wyoming coin achieves a lot of objectives it helps us have a mechanism to transact that is much faster and with much less fees. That’s something we’re seeing in the crypto markets theres companies that are trying to do this but no one has done this at the state level where there’s real stability,” said Sean Murphy, Blockchain Investor.

Today law enforcement and legislature members came to support Senate File 102.

This bill seeks to protect the 2nd and 10th amendments for Wyoming state gun owners from federal over-reach.

”Under the supreme court ruled that states are not obligated to enforce federal laws that are unconstitutional, that is what the bill does,” said Larry Hicks, District 11.

Opponents say the bill has no teeth.

” Again, simple bill, simple language. Looks great it’s not going to stand up like you see other states saying no to the federal government,” said Anthony Bouchard, District 6.

As the legislative session continues, we will bring you updates throughout the week.

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