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Cryptocurrency mining is one of the major reasons for gamers to be upset all over the world as amidst the chip shortage cryptocurrency miners are buying huge amounts of graphic cards to use for mining.

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Crypto Mining is Making Your Gaming Pc Upgrade Costly

The excessive purchasing of graphic cards by crypto miners has resulted in inflation of Graphics card prices and scalping of graphic cards. This immense rise in price has resulted in a lot of gamers being heartbroken as a simple graphic card upgrade today may even cost more than the price of the whole gaming setup.

The issue is that graphic cards are an important component in crypto mining and with the crypto market experiencing a major boom in the past few years, the number of people engaged in crypto mining has increased. This boom in crypto mining has caused a lot of issues.

The Steps Taken By Graphics Card Companies

Graphics card companies have started to update graphic cards with drivers that would render them nearly useless for crypto mining to mitigate the crypto mining problem. However, most miners found various hacks to disable this driver update. The utilities that would disable this update require a lot of permissions.

What Nvidia RTX LHR v2 is Supposed To Do?

One such utility called Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker surfaced recently. The utility claimed to disable the mining performance limitations on the Nvidia RTX 30 series cards and the RTX A series cards. The utility was supposed to modify the firmware of the graphics cards to remove the mining cap from the graphics cards.

The utility was supposed to be editing the graphics card BIOS, which is something end users aren’t expected to do and doing the same may not be very legal. However, the utility is far from a graphics card BIOS editing utility.

What Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker Actually Does?

The Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker is a malware that is supposed to infect a computer once the installation of the utility starts. The malware targets “powershell.exe “which is a Windows service and can greatly cause harm in the future.

The malware in itself is not deemed to be very damaging but the installation of the utility is only possible if one installs a modified version of Nvidia drivers. The modified drivers are a cause for concern for most of the experts as a modified driver that has malicious code can have the ability to cause immense damage or can result in data theft.

This is not the first instance of such malware-ridden utilities floating around the internet but this certainly does raise a lot of concern. The Crypto mining boom has caused a lot of issues in the world and malwares are just one of the issues that come with this industry.

Global Warming May Also be Sponsored By Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is a cause for concern for governments across the globe as crypto mining requires a lot of electricity due to the use of high-powered PC equipment that has to be switched on all the time.

The increase in consumption of electricity due to crypto mining is so alarming that governments have started to ban crypto mining or at least are pursuing laws to put restrictions on how much time can the mining rig run in a day.

The concept of cryptocurrencies is here to stay and the problems related to cryptocurrency mining need to be mitigated soon and swiftly as these practices are causing immense harm to the environment.

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