Load2Go Uses Tech to Shape Trucking Industry

Load2Go is using technology and Big Data to transform the trucking industry’s supply chain into blockchain, helping an industry that needs more than 80,000 drivers to avoid shortages, according to a Thursday (Feb. 24) press release.

Truckers were the highest-paid workers in the U.S. from 1935 to 1980, with an annual salary of $100,000 until the country passed a law that lifts restrictions on the number of transport companies and lost control over the prices of truckload shipment, the company said.

Load2Go’s solution allows professional CDL drivers to run their own trucking companies and increase their profits while enjoying a work-life balance. The company has a network of partners that provide assistance with MC and Department of Transportation authority, equipment rental, insurance, billing, safety and 24/7 customer support availability.

“Small trucking companies are another good match for LOAD2GO,” Vice President of Sales Patrick Crain said in the release.

The market price for each load and 100% of transparency will “allow the business to earn much more and make truck drivers’ work less stressful,” the company announcement says.

Load2Go offers direct communication with drivers, giving brokers the ability to contact and check a driver at any time and live-track from a pickup point to delivery point, lowering the chance of miscommunication and helping to secure the goods.

Free integrations with freight brokers improve transportation by hand-picking carriers and professional drivers, said Load2Go CEO Khrystyna Berezovska said in the company announcement.

The company also fills in the gap and uncertainty of inexperienced drivers for shippers and receivers, saving them thousands on transportation costs.

“We are committed to making the process easier and more efficient for any driver, trucking company, freight broker, and customer,” said Berezovska in the announcement. “The market price for each load, 100% transparency, 24/7 professional customer service, technology, big data, and much more is offered by LOAD2GO.”

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