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There is no need to install and find the required accessories by yourself, with the best software ecological support, we have prepared the most reliable professional mining machine for you.

RoyalMn focusing on the blockchain data center industry. It has invested and constructed 27 blockchain data centers in Eastern Europe, the United States, Canada, etc. The Power supply exceeds 600MW, and the scale of mining rigs custody exceeds 358,000 units. Combined with the team’s top IT knowledge, we provide reliable and stable mining solutions for global users.Contact us now and let us provide you with the most reliable and convenient mining solution.


24-hour stability

Before shipment, all mining machines go through uninterrupted testing for more than 48 hours to ensure mining stability.

Reliable debugging technology

A stable mining rig can create a stable source of income. As experienced professionals, RoyalMn will ensure that the machine is optimised for the best results.

More than 8 years of technical experience

As a team, we have vast experience in constructing mines of different scales. With this knowledge, RoyalMn will make sure to design the most suitable mining rig for your needs.



Our advantage

1、Rely on a powerful platform, customers do not need to install mining machine accessories by themselves, the platform will provide the optimal mining solution

2、Optimise efficiency, automate mining, and greatly shorten the time spent debugging and handling errors.

3、Important past and real-time profit data, such as daily mining volume and profit, right at your fingertips.

4、Earnings can be settled in real time and withdrawn to your wallet account

5、Our users come from all around the world and you can communicate in real time with our professional customer support team



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Company Name: RoyalMn
Contact Person: Jack
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Country: United States

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