Safemoon Competitor Bitgert Made Blockchain LIVE Today, BabyDoge, Metahero, Floki Inu &

Safemoon Competitor Bitgert Made Blockchain LIVE Today, BabyDoge, Metahero, Floki Inu & Saitama Inu Has To Face Tough Competitor

by Analytics Insight

February 15, 2022

best performing cryptocurrencies in the market

The competition between Safemoon and Bitgert has now gone a notch higher after the team made Brise blockchain LIVE today. This now answers the question of which is the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market between these two DeFi projects. But Safemoon is not the only crypto project affected by the live Bitgert blockchain. There is a long list of cryptocurrencies already dwarfed by the BRISE BRC20 blockchain. Read more about the blockchain going live and the beaten competitors:



The Bitgert blockchain was finally made LIVE today. This has been a very short wait because it took just four days since the team announced the completion of the Mainnet development. That’s how fast the Bitgert team has been accomplishing things. Just like the team had promised, the gas fee for the Bitgert blockchain is a mere 0.000021 BRISE, which can simply be put at $0.0000000000001. This is how cheap Bitgert is making crypto transactions.

On the token transaction speed, the Bitgert blockchain is now the fastest at 100k TPS. This is the fastest transaction speed in the crypto industry right now because it is higher than Solana speed. Note that Solana recently increased its TPS to 65,000. Therefore, the Bitgert blockchain has managed is now the fastest and has the cheapest gas fee in the market. Get more updates about the blockchain at the Bitgert official Twitter account.



There is a lot of development at the Centcex project, but the building of products has been the most highlighted. The Centcex team might soon announce the completion of the exchange development. This is the Centcex project the team is working on at the moment. However, the going live of the Bitgert blockchain has raised the competition even for the Centcex project. This can be seen from the community members joining Bitgert. However, Centcex is coming back stronger because the team has hinted at the development of its own blockchain. Therefore, the competition is getting stiffer in the future.



Safemoon is among the crypto projects heavily feeling the kind of competition Bitgert chain has brought. The fact that Safemoon and Bitgert are similar DeFi projects, with almost identical products. However, Bitgert has been fast in products delivery than Safemoon despite being 5 months younger. With the Bitgert blockchain now gone live, Safemoon has its competition cut and is already deemed inferior to Bitgert. The Bitgert team has also promised over 10 products over the end of this year, which is more than SFM products.


Saitama Inu

The last few months have seen the number of products in the Saitama Inu grow. The team is already in the process of launching some of them, with the SaitaMask already released. Despite the bugs attacks and other challenges, it is a promising development. The Saitama team also launched the Saitama Reality, and more products are coming up. But these developments may not be enough to best Bitgert, especially now that the Brise chain is already live. The Saitama Inu team needs to do a lot in developing products to beat competitors like Bitgert, including developing a blockchain.



There are few dog coins that are even close to competing with Bitgert. But BabyDoge is a unique case because it has been one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Unlike most of the available dog coins, BabyDoge has managed to develop one of the tokens with the highest utilities. The BabyDoge token is currently accepted by millions of merchants across the world. However, BabyDoge still has a smaller number of utilities, expensive gas fees, and slow speed compared to the Bitgert network.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu team has said that its intention is to develop one of the most powerful gaming platforms. The team is committed to developing one of the best cryptocurrency knowledge-sharing platforms for crypto enthusiasts. That’s why Valhalla and Floki University are some of the biggest products that have worked on it. Valhalla plus the Floki Marketplace are going to form one of the biggest metaverse gaming platforms. However, Floki Inu will have to beat Bitgert’s 100k TPS and lowest gas fee.



The Metahero team has been working on developing its scanning technology. At the moment, the team has one of the most advanced 3D scanning technologies. Already, the Wolf Digital World team is doing incredible research to build the best technology for Metahero. The Metahero V3 Metascanner still remains the most scanning technologies in the metaverse, gaming, and other industries. But there is a lot the Metahero team needs to beat Bitgert products. This includes the development of a cheaper and faster blockchain.

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